A sane guy travelling the wastelands for years


Drifter is a very cautious guy who lived in a flooded area for years. The water hid him from most curious looks and the crocodiles inhabiting the area did most for the protection.

Drifter had a garage near the waterfront where he managed to refit a 4-Wheel car and add some extra protection as well as a gun mounted on its roof. It took years to finally get all the things sorted, but the most demanding task was to find enough fuel to keep the generator running and filling up the cars fuel tank.

Unfortunately he had to make a hasty retreat one day, as a gang of raiders followed him to his flooded hideout. He was able to kill most of the raiders and scare away the remaining one’s, but he knew too good they will come back with reinforcements. So he decided to leave his beloved home and take as much goods with him as possible. It took the whole night to load his Humvee, and when he left his place the last time, he could see the raiders arriving at the waterfront. Unseen by them he managed to reach the garage, unload his tinny and start the Humvee to drive away.

The raiders, located at the opposite beachside did not see him leaving but were able to hear the noise of the car driving away. They decided not to follow him but to plunder his home and take anything they find there.


Australa pansophy